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Project Vision

What we want to be:
 1. The project want to be a partner in the discussions of scientists of the follow science fields:
     o Cultural studies,
     o Fan studies,
     o Scene studies, especially such, research the construction of scenes (including the infrastructure).
     o Communication and media research,
     o Social science
     o Sociology
     o Sociolinguistic studies in the field of subcultures.

 2. The project want to be a companions on the way step by step from the start to the end of research projects:
     o With priority a companions to the first Steps: What I have to do and when? How should I do it, who are my contact persons and how I can find them? ...
     o Development of specific research questions, which are compatible to the interests of the researcher. Help without patronage.
     o Disclose of logical errors in the argumentation and in definitions. Showing where additional explanation or definition is required and their development.
     o Reading of written Texts including comments (tough but fair). But no correction of orthography and punctuation!!!

 3. The project want to be a part of the institutions, which help to increase the public perception and the image of this kind of research and science field. This we seek to achieve by communication but also presentations and scientific publications.

 4. The project want to be editor of this kind of science texts, specially texts related to the first presentation of studies or texts are too short for own books. These should be collected and then published in chapters. Till today there is in Germany - and perhaps also in the whole German speaking area - any magazine which take such literature. Especially here the project want help science newcomers in this research field (age-independent).

 5. The project want to be the spider in a network, in which universities, scientists and all institutions are related in this science field are included. The target is an intensive exchange of knowledge and human resources.

 6. The project want to be a place where people go, when they need help to find the right literature for their research. For that it should be build up a database with all the literature was use from the project till today.

 7. The project should be do its work as an independent and autonomous science project. In this it is not profit-oriented.

 8. And finally the project want to be also in the future a research institution with own research projects.

What the project not want to be:

 1. The project don't want to be a contact point for research generally. The focus is here only on the research in the science fields mentioned above and here only that research it is associated with scenes.

 2. The project don't be the writer of foreign texts especially not science texts of any kind.

 3. The project don't want be an establishment of correction of orthography, punctuation and formality things like correct citation, line spacing and so on.

 4. The project don't want to be a fulfilment institution of special companies and lose so objectivity and independence.

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