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Date of birth, town of birth: 20th of December in 1963, Hamm
Actual place of living: 47441 Moers
Children: Two daughters
School degrees: 1981 School degree: "Mittlere Reife": Marienrealschule Hamm (school exam after 10 years)

1984 Final school degree: "Abitur": Galilei-Gymnasium, "Allgemeine Hochschulreife" ("Abitur", highest school exam in Germany, general allowance for going to university
Job education: 1988-90 Education in Bank, state-approved
Studies on university: June 2012 Studies to become a teacher "Lehramtsstudium" German "Staatsexamen" (in the main subjects German language and literature, social science (means science of: economics, sociology, politics: main emphasis was in economics science about the mechanism of monetary unions with the focus on the Euro; final thesis in sociology about the construct of the German Manga and Anime Scene). Further subjects were: pedagogy, educational psychology, teaching methodology for the main subjects.

WS 2008/09 Change of university: from Cologne to Rostock. Private reason.

SS 2007 Start of studies to become a teacher. (German language and literature, music, social science).

Up to April 1987 Singing Studies (classical education to become an opera singer. Abortion because of healthy problems.
Jobs: Several activities in the field of sales and consulting for example: all-finance (finance and insurance consulting and sales), support and consulting of experts from different fields. But also be a singing teacher for adult woman and giving lessons in recorder for children.
Ani-Ma-Projekt: 2009 Founding of the Ani-Ma-Projekt and start of the first phase.

2012 publishing of the first two specialist books about the German Manga and Anime Scene (look to point "publications")

October 2012 Start of my dissertation (similar to PHD). ( look to "projects in progress"). Start of the second phase of the project. Develop from the focused view of one special scene to a general view of scenes as a society type of construct with its special mechanism of founding, dependencies, interrelations, infrastructure.

Summer 2013 Successful execution of the second big survey of the Ani-Ma-Projekt together with Christine Schulz. Theme was the constructions of generations of the German Manga- and Anime Scene.

2014 Publishing of a specialist article for the Chapter "Creative Crowds" (look on point "publications")

2014 Publishing of a new book about prejudices and their development in relating to the German Manga and Anime Scene (look on point "publications".

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