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This project is dedicated to people interested in cultural studies, fandom and the construction of scenes. The project want to support and guide researches, helping finding answers by discussing theories or problems and reduce prejudices. Also the project constantly keep those who are interested permanent updated about our researches. The main target groups of the project are other researcher, students, member of subcultures/scenes or all interested people. On the long term the project want to be a solid institution in the community of German speaking and international groups of researchers, institutions as well as people who are dealing with and are active in sub cultural groups. The project was started in the German manga and anime culture field, but expanded also to other sub cultures (till today without own surveys) and are curious about different fandoms, scenes and the construction of them. But it is not only the community of scenes with all their attitudes, preferences, wishes and behaviours in what the project is interested in, because a scene is more then only their members. There are social and not-social structure elements, which stands in interrelations and dependences. Mechanism of development, foundations of scenes in scenes (subscenes), mechanism of formations and so on are also an important and a new field in which the project research. We invite everyone to visit us, come to get information or help and have a talk about these themes.

Texts by Eva Mertens which are not related to the Ani-Ma-Project are provided here:
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